Heinz Kohut and the Psychology of the Self 
by Allen M. Siegel

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Heinz Kohut's work represents an important departure from the Freudian tradition of psychoanalysis. As the founder of the 'self psychology' movement in America, Kohut had an instrumental role in one of the most important developments in psychoanalysis since Freud. Based on his premise that narcissistic vulnerabilities play a significant part in the sufferings that bring people for treatment, Kohut had a new understanding of the therapeutic setting that is applicable to both psychotherapy and psychoanalysis. Since Kohut's works were written  for a predominantly psychoanalytic audience they are difficult to for most people to understand. Proposing that in order to fully grasp the evolution of Kohut's ideas one must know something about the man and the milieu in which he lived, Dr. Allen Siegel incorporates biographical detail from Kohut's life to aid in the understanding of his works. Also included in this book are examples from Siegel's own practice, illustrating ways in which Kohut's innovative theories can be applied to other forms of treatment.