Born of hope, effort, and often brilliance, family firms can be wonderful delights, crucibles of despair, and everything in between. Some find joy in work with children and family members. 
Others find endless conflict. 

Revived from earlier times these conflicts are not minor, yet they’re rarely addressed until the business begins to suffer or a family member can no longer stand the pain. Governance, finance, and power become the battlefields where ancient family struggles are fought anew.

Since 1971, Founding Principal Dr. Allen Siegel has helped members of family firms and family foundations with the unique emotional situations that arise when the workplace is also a family structure.

In recent years Dr. Siegel has extended his work to include CEOs of any type of firm since they too face multiple personal and interpersonal emotions that emerge in the conduct of their business. Trained in business, but not in psychology, they count on wisdom and intuition rather than knowledge to work these problems through. Sometimes they are successful, sometimes not.

The Nautilos Group, led by Dr Siegel, has experience aiding CEOs in the resolution of the personal and interpersonal side of business. Considered a “soft” issue, emotions in the workplace often are given short shrift while actually they are key to the efficient function of every working situation.

This site is dedicated to the distribution of working tools designed to aid business executives, family business and otherwise.